Tips for Hosting a High School Graduation Party

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Graduation is one of the most exciting experiences for high school students and a party allows them to celebrate their success and mark the moment that the journey into adulthood begins. Whether you’re hosting the party for your own moment or that of your kids, pulling off a successful party requires a little bit of work. But, once all is said and done, everyone can let loose and enjoy this once-in-a-lifetime celebration.

Get Invitations

You can make an impression with customized graduation invitations from a website¬†for your upcoming party. If you have a theme, pick one that corresponds with that theme — or use your invitation to guide your theme. Make sure to include the date/time of the event and directions. If the party is a surprise, include that with an alternate parking spot so guests know where to go.

Decide on a Menu

When you decide to host a graduation party, you’re signing up for a big tasks. Instead of taking the time to deal with the menu, consider hiring a caterer. Graduation food can be left simple, such as salads, cold cuts or snacks. If your party overlaps a meal hour, consider hiring a caterer for a buffet spread.

Don’t Forget the Cake

A graduation is a big occasion; therefore, a big cake is in order. Work side-by-side your local bakery or cake decorator to design a customized graduation cake. Not only will it make the event that much more special, but it can be customized so it’s unique to the graduate.

Hire a Photographer

This is the only time you’ll be able to celebrate your own high school graduation or that of your child. So, you will want to mark the occasion with photographs. Since you’re hosting the party you won’t have time to go around taking pictures. Instead hire a photographer to help document the event. To get everyone involved, put disposable cameras in the center of the tables and encourage them to take photos to share too.

No matter how big or small the party is going to be, start as early as possible with the planning process. You know the graduation date, so if you can, try to start preparations at least two or three months in advance. This will give you time to order decorations, graduation invitations, and put in your orders for the cake and food.

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